Dead Pan, Namib Desert, Namibia

Gil Lopez-Espina

I welcome questions or comments from clients,  friends, ex-students or even strangers.  Despite this wish, allow me to pre apologize for a possible delay in my response. Time is my most precious commodity and not enough is left to do all I want to do. Most of my hours are devoted to painting, or photographing at locations. sometimes, very remote. This way of life becomes the major reason for not owning or using cell phones, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. or social media as a whole. Regardless of my reality, it would be a great pleasure receiving a few lines from members of humanity.

“Any moment away from creating

is an opportunity surrendered to failure”

(Lopez-Espina, 2014)

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Sitio Vila Paraiso

Municipio de Belmonte

Bahia, Brasil


Praça Treze de Maio, No. 9

Caixa Postal 02, Centro

Belmonte, Bahia

CEP 45800-970